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hotel / motel hotel calling system


More and more customers in cafe shop want fast and high-quality service. At same time, cafe shop also wants to improve efficiency. What should they do?

The wireless calling system is easily used in restaurant. Put the transmitting caller on the table and receiving host on the service desk. And the waiter wear the wrist watch receiver. When the customer needs service, he just presses the button on the table, the caller will transmit a wirelss signal to service desk and waiter's watch. Then the waiter can easily read which table need service, as well which kind of service.

This system uses RF wireless technology, which makes the system easily installed. It dones't need wires. Just put the caller which is power by battery on the talbe that is ok.


wireless waiter calling system

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Wireless caller


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Installation & Using

1/ Receiver --- Put the wireless calling receiver (server) on the service desk and connect to the power. The walling calling receiver is hung up on the wall or ceiling where easy to read.

2/ Watch receiver --- waiter (or waitress) wears the wrist watch receiver which can vibration when receives signal from customer.

3/ Transmitting caller --- Put the caller on each table. The caller is powered by batteries. Also can stick the caller on the wall where the customer can get it easily.

4/ Repeater --- If the service place is too big to receive the signal, please add the repeater on the way transmitting.

5/ Programing --- The transmitting caller and receiving server are paired by learning code. End user can do it by themselves. The number of caller can be defined to the table number.

6/ Menu card --- Menu or advertisment can be put in the card.

For more instruction, please refer to the user manual.

Thanks so much for you patience!


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