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Thanks for choosing this wireless calling system. The receiver host adopts RF wireless and learning code technology. It can easily pair up to 999 channels of wireless calling transmitters and 1 manager remote controller. The receiver host uses advanced industrial micro processor and high-sensitivity superheterodyne receiving technology which make the products very stable.

At same time, the wireless calling receiver host has advanced number speaker function, it can clearly read the number, function, room number and so on and compatibly for different working mode, suitable for different places.

The wireless calling system has millions of different code which can be paired easily and freely. And it is widely used in restaurant, café, bar, tea shop, KTV, bank, office, factory, hotel, hospital and so on.


Adopt the latest industrial stable chipset.

Independent storage avoiding data lost

Memory 20 calling records history

7 prompt voice selectable

Calling number speaker and time whole point speaker

Multiple working mode optional for different places

Self testing technology makes it working well every time

Super error correction

Address data only avoiding repeat

Menu settings voice prompt, easy to set

Calling records display can be fixed or cycle

Calling records cycle display time is adjustable

Adjustable volume

Restore the factory default function

High receive sensitivity

LED tube display, easy to read

Beautiful designing and portable to move

工作电压 DC9V/2A 电源适配器
工作频率 433.92MHz
待机电流 <130mA


接收灵敏度 -105dBm
解码方式 learning code
调制方式 AM
外观颜色 Black
外形尺寸 400*157*39mm


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