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Red/Blue/Green 3 colors with siren voice


Thanks for choosing the wireless calling system products. Install the wireless lamp receiver on the top of the door of each hospital room, when some one needs help, just press the emergency button, the corresponding color lamp will be on or flicker. For example, common call, red light on; emergency call, blue light flicker and siren. This is widely used in hospital, old folk’s home and so on.

The wireless calling system has millions of different code which can be paired easily and freely. And it is widely used in hospital, nursing home and so on.

Technical Data

Working frequency: 433.92MHz

Working voltage: DC12V/1A power supply

Standby current: ≤10mA±2mA

Working current: 138mA±10mA

Decoding mode: learning code

Modulation: AM

Receiving sensitivity: -100dBm

Working temperature: -10℃~+50℃

Product size: 68x68x98mm


ZJ-22C lamp calling receiver

ZJ-22C lamp calling receiver

Products Photos

ZJ-22C lamp receiver

ZJ-22C lamp receiver

ZJ-22C lamp receiver

ZJ-22C lamp receiver

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